Newsletter 30 July 2020



July 1 is the International Fruit Day.


It was initiated by German students in 2007. This holiday is aimed primarily at people who care about their health and promote a healthy lifestyle. Its main assumption was to eliminate all interpersonal barriers by sharing fruit, and thus creating solidarity and intercultural bond.

It is recommended to eat 5 portions of fruit a day – our team did this task above the norm on that day 🙂








At the end of June, our company was nominated to take part in the #gaszynchallenge campaign. This action is to help raise money for people who need this help the most. The rules are very simple, nominees must perform 10 push-ups or sit-ups. In case of success, they pay a minimum of PLN 5 to the selected bank account, if they fail, the minimum is PLN 10. Finally, in order to popularize the campaign, another 3 people must be assigned to the task. So we rolled up our sleeves and eagerly took up the challenge.

You can see the coverage of this event on our FB profile:





We are pleased to announce that at the end of July we became a member of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster. The organization in its ranks includes companies from the tool industry and plastics processing. The main goal is to integrate the environment of toolmakers and processors by creating a network of business relations. This, in turn, helps to develop technologically.




For a long time our production has been carried out in the Ultra Clean standard. CLEAN ROOM is a place where environmental parameters are controlled, thanks to which an adequate low concentration of solid pollutants in the air is ensured. Continuous filtration of the air inside makes the bag-in-box produced in this standard ideal for storing products that are poured aseptically or after the pasteurization process. The interior of such a room is filled with air, which is forced through a special system of HEPA filters that eliminate any fractions of pollutants. Employees who want to get to the room are obliged to go through the airlock and be dressed in special protective suits, additionally they are also equipped with masks, gloves and shoe covers.


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