Newsletter 31 January 2023

1) ENOMAQ – our first together fair trade


February 14-17 – save this date! 

We are pleased to announce our presence at the ENOMAQ fair in Spain. Enomaq is a fair dedicated mainly to wine and olive oil.

For the first time since the merger, we will participate in the fair together with Montibox!

You will meet us in hall number 8, stand C-D, 1-2.

See you! 🙂



2) Low Spout


What does low spout mean?

  • low spout = lower price
  • low spout = more bags in a collecting carton
  • low spout = less use of collective cartons = less space for pallets = more free storage space
  • low spout = maximizing transport capacity = lower transport costs
  • low spout = less changes during the production process = increased employee productivity
  • low spout = faster production = lower energy consumption = lower carbon footprint

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