Newsletter 31 September 2022



We are aware that the continuous improvement of our qualifications gives us the opportunity to take up ever greater challenges. On the other hand, challenges are our specialty, which is why we systematically take part in specialized trainings, expanding our knowledge and skills and strengthening innovation and development.

In August, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, our managers trained in effective project management. It is the first training in the series as part of improving the competences of the entire team.




BiBP is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. We realize that how we operate has and will have both direct and indirect impact on the surrounding environment, and thus on future generations.

Therefore, the idea of ​​sustainable development, which we systematically introduce in the company, is mainly based on the natural environment. We try to develop synergy between us, our activities and the nature that surrounds us.

According to the definition, Sustainable Development is an action plan for the transformation and transformation of the world, in which the needs of the present generation can be met in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment and taking into account the needs of future generations. It works on 3 main levels:

– environmental aspect

– social aspect

– economic aspect

Taking the subject seriously, we conducted a local competition, in which the main task was to send ideas about what as a company we can do to act for the environment.

The main prizes were tickets to Zatorland, River Park and a cash prize.

The competition ended on August 31 and met with great interest from the audience.

The results and ideas will be published in the second week of September.


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