Business Support

Our technological consulting includes support at all stages of the production process. Its form and scope are fit to the individual needs of the client.

We provide our clients not only with high-quality innovative packaging, but also knowledge on how to launch an effective production process with their use. Our goal is to help eliminate mistakes that arise at the stage of filling, storage or transport. We also select the right packaging to meet the customer’s needs, so that everyone receives a product with the functions that are dedicated to a given application while maintaining an attractive price.

Who is technology consulting for?

Our consultancy is generally available, we encourage both small and large companies to contact us. We adjust the level of advancement of consultancy to the needs and expectations of clients – we implement them both in the form of a telephone conversation and more complex consultations, for which we create the entire project team. In cooperation with the client, we watch over all stages of the production and distribution process. If there are any problems, we analyze their reasons and rule it out so that everything runs smoothly and the customer is fully satisfied.

Why is it worth it?

The company that takes part in such consultations will be able to start its production process faster. The joint design of the packaging, filling and distribution process significantly shortens the implementation process to the market, as well as eliminating random mistakes and shortcomings. Based on our extensive experience gathered among small and large companies on the Polish and European market, we can offer specific, proven solutions.


During the training sessions we organize, together with the invited specialists, we discuss the possibilities and perspectives offered by Bag in Box packaging. An example of such an event may be a meeting that we organized in Katowice for small and medium-sized enterprises producing NFC juices. About 25 companies took part in it, participating for two days in four discussion panels led by our specialists, as well as prof. Maria Chmiel from the Department of Microbiology, University of Agriculture.