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Packagings for aseptic products

Bag in Box can be used for products such as: milk, cream, yoghurt, rennet, egg mass or ice cream. It is also suitable for storing both liquid and semi-liquid products.


Thanks to the launch of the production technology in the Ultra Clean system, which allows for the creation of bags with a higher cleanliness class, we guarantee the safety of aseptic products filling. We use an extremely effective radiation method for sterilization. Storing products filled in this way guarantees a longer shelf life and also ensures greater safety and stability of such a product over time.

Detailed information


Bag in Box are made of two types of foil, creating a total of 4 layers. The first one, placed inside the package, is a transparent LLDPE foil.

The outer layer can be adapted to the requirements of the stored product.

Available variants of the outer foil:

  • EVOH (Ethylene vinyle alcohol) foil is a modern copolymer of vinyl alcohol and ethylene with a high barrier to gases and water vapor. It is a transparent or colored (white or blue) foil, which is recycled after appropriate selection.
  • Metallized foil is a laminate of LLDPE foil, between which a layer of aluminum has been applied. This foil is also characterized by high barrier properties. Thanks to the opaque coating, it is recommended for light-sensitive products.

The other elements of the bag are the collar and tap or plug.


Packing systems


Cardboard box

The bags can be used as a stand-alone packaging or closed in a compatible carton, creating a product ideal for retail sale. Cardboard packaging can also be personalized by adding your own labeling.




The highest quality

For the production process, we use selected materials from certified European suppliers, and thanks to close quality control, we can ensure appropriate technical, physical and strength parameters in every batch of goods delivered to customers.


Butterfly tap
Pouring Cap
Snap Cap
Elpo tap
Tube Cap

Available options of packagings and spedition