Newsletter 31 May 2022


Let us act sustainable!

Our offer includes a tap that does not contain any carbon black pigment. Thus, we offer a solution that is completely recyclable.

Let’s think ecologically.





AA grade

We are proud to announce that we have once again received the BRC certificate, obtaining the maximum AA rating during the audit.

Thus, it proves that we meet the highest development requirements in terms of safety and quality of our packaging.




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Newsletter 29 April 2022

1.  IFE – LONDON (MARCH 21-23)

Our motto is continuous and incessant development, which is why we are expanding our activity to new markets. In March, we had the pleasure to participate in the IFE (International Drink and Food Event) fair, which took place in London, and thus we presented our products on the English market for the first time.




In addition to Great Britain, we also had the opportunity to present ourselves in Italy at the Vinitaly fair. Since 1967, Vinitaly has been working with producers in the wine industry, actively contributing to the development of the wine system, creating business opportunities in Italy and around the world, promoting networking opportunities between producers and professionals in the sector.




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Newsletter 28 February 2022


Russia’s attack on Ukraine has become a dramatic fact. The dynamically changing situation does not allow us to remain indifferent to the aggression experienced by our neighbors. At the moment, in order to become as unified as possible with Ukraine, we collect the most necessary things and organize accommodation. As of today, we have managed to collect 14 pallets of the most necessary articles that have already left for Ukraine. The fundraiser continues and will continue as long as support is needed.

Take care of yourself.



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Newsletter 31 January 2022


The next stage of the company’s expansion was to create a modern place where employees could rest and relax before new challenges. And that’s it, at the end of last year, we started to meet in a new and cozy canteen.






As every year, in the pre-Christmas period, we try to support organizations that help others with great commitment on a daily basis. This time we were very pleased to cooperate with the “Dać Szansę” Association from Wadowice. As you can see below, both our employees and the Management Board have shown great generosity. As a thank you for carrying out the collection, we received symbolic decorations for the Christmas tree from the pupils.



We strongly encourage you to take part in such actions.







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Newsletter 31 October 2021


FACHPACK is one of the main events in Europe for companies producing and using packaging. It has been held in Nuremberg for over 40 years. The packaging fair provides a concise, but also comprehensive view of all relevant topics in the packaging industry.

It was wonderful to meet you after so long related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for being with us 🙂





You know that replacing standard packaging used for storing dairy products (such as buckets) with bag-in-box technology can reduce the amount of waste by up to 80%. Let’s take care of sustainability and protect our environment.

Are you interested? Call us!

+48 601 884 781





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Newsletter 30 August 2021




We focus on development which let us to achieve common goals.

That is why we organized our first webinar, addressed to juice producers. We mainly touched upon issues related to:

– bag in box packaging in the era of e-commerce

– legislative changes concerning the ROP

– storage of bag in boxes


We would like to thank you for your participation 🙂





Apparently to stand still is to move backwards.

Therefore, we are extremely proud that, despite the difficult time of the pandemic, we are entering the next stage of the company’s long-term development strategy, which is the expansion of our plant. It will be expanded by, among others, a modern production hall and warehouse space.


We will inform about progress 🙂



September 28-30 – save this date!

You will meet us in hall 6, stand 6-139 in Nurnberg









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Newsletter 30 June 2021


Full of enthusiasm, laughing team, beautiful, sunny weather, fun and music until dawn. We were eagerly looking for a return to normality, which would allow us to meet in a common group in a safe way. And it happened! On June 2, we hosted an integration event, thanks to which our entire group could closer friendship, the more that our team has grown significantly recently 🙂










It’s here! A new video on our channel with a short instruction on how to efficiently use the bag in box system:



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Newsletter 30 April 2021

Currently, there are many variants on the flexible bag in box packaging market in terms of structure and types of film used in the production process. One of the two most popular are packaging made of either a barrier film based on ethylene copolymer and vinyl alcohol (EVOH foils) or a laminate based on metallized polyethylene terephthalate (Met-PET foils).


EVOH-based films are highly flexible and highly resistant to cracking. From an aesthetic point of view, this foil is usually transparent. One of the main properties of the EVOH film is its barrier to atmospheric gases (nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide). Barrier is a parameter that determines the permeability of gases through a given material. The appropriate level of foil barrier ensures that the packaging will be suitable for storing, among others food products, thus extending their shelf life. The limited migration of gases into the interior and from the packaging guarantees the desired organoleptic qualities of the stored products. The limited access of oxygen delays the aging process and effectively blocks the growth of microorganisms in the product. The current technological possibilities allow for a wide range of modifications in the composition and structure of EVOH foil, towards a significant increase in the barrier to gases, strength and color of the foil itself.


In turn, the laminated foil based on metallized PET, apart from similar gas permeability properties to EVOH foil, is characterized by a barrier to light radiation (especially UV). This is important when the stored product is particularly prone to aging under the influence of UV and requires additional protection against light. Met-PET film is often used by customers who fill in aseptic conditions, because the thermal sterilization process in the area of ​​the collar in bags made of Met-PET film is more efficient (slower degradation of the film). At present, the production process of EVOH film and functional additives allows the available types of EVOH film to compete with Met-PET film. Thus it is possible to produce packaging that meets the requirements of aseptic filling and thermal sterilization. Additionally, unit carton is a common method of storing filled bags. This type of outer packaging ensures complete lack of light access at every stage of the logistics process.


So which foil should you choose?


One of the key parameters in assessing the suitability of the packaging for storage purposes is its barrier properties, which can be ensured by the use of an appropriate carrier such as EVOH, Met-PET and many others. In laboratory conditions, it is possible to determine the barrier level of a given package with high accuracy. However, in reality, the production (filling, packaging), logistic (storage and storage conditions, transport, distribution) and technical operations (treatment by the target customer, storage conditions, etc.) significantly affect the durability and functionality of the packaging. Years of experience and tests carried out in laboratory conditions (transport tests and simulations with the use of vibration methods) have proved significant differences in the durability of packaging made of EVOH film compared to Met-PET film. In particular, we are talking about the number of generated microdamages, which significantly affect the deterioration of foil mechanics (foil strength) and worsen the barrier properties of the package. One of the methods of testing the susceptibility of film and entire packaging to durability throughout the distribution process is the Gelbo method. It consists in cyclic twisting a sheet of foil through an angle of 460 °. The foil sheets treated in this way are then checked for the number of microdamages or the level of oxygen permeability (OTR). Below we present the results of our tests carried out on EVOH film and Met-PET film. The samples were subjected to 900 cycles and examined for the number of microdamages.



           EVOH FOIL                                         MET-PET FOIL


Analyzing the above results, it can be concluded that the number of microcracks in the EVOH film is much lower than in the case of Met-PET film. Thus, it is confirmed by the argument that EVOH film can, under certain conditions, successfully replace Met-PET film.



Another important factor in choosing the right packaging is its possible environmental impact. Especially now, when there is a growing awareness of users about the fate of used packaging, the method of recovering secondary raw materials or potential environmental fees (e.g. the fee for extended producer responsibility). Based on the recommendations of the RecyClass group, we can conclude that flexible packaging made of Met-PET film will be classified as low compatibility (D-E-F) due to the difficult process of post treatment towards obtaining secondary raw materials. At the same time, packaging based on EVOH film (classified as limited capatibility C-D), can in most cases be further processed to recover, among others, polyethylene (LDPE).


Based on our experience and the collected knowledge, increasingly bag in box packaging made of Met-PET film is converted into packaging made of EVOH film while maintaining full functionality and durability of the packaging.


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