Newsletter 30 October 2022

1) The biggest wine event in just a week!

November 15-18 – remember this date!

Do you want to know our new solutions in the field of sustainable development?

Nothing simpler – visit us at our stand at the SIMEI fair in Milan.

You will meet us in hall 4, stand E32.

See you soon!

If you are willing, please contact us to get a free admission ticket 🙂


2) 100% LED





Did you know that LED lighting significantly reduces CO2 emissions, which is why it is called green light. It is estimated that 80% of energy savings will avoid the emission of 100 megatons of greenhouse gases per year. In the spirit of sustainable development and clean production, the whole new hall of our company is illuminated with LED diodes.








3) Recruitment campaign – we are looking for new employees!

Due to the continuous, dynamic development of the company and the recent takeover of the Spanish company Montibox, we are looking for new specialists who, with their knowledge, experience and commitment, will complement the BIBP TEAM.

BiBP Sp. z o.o. was established in 2014. in Andrychów, starting its activity on less than 500m2. Now, after 8 years rich in continuous expansion, the total area of the company is already 9,000 m2 (Poland and Spain).

Do not hesitate and join us!

We are waiting just for you!



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Newsletter 30 August 2022



We are pleased to announce that the competition “Let’s create an environmentally friendly company together” has been resolved!

Thank you for the huge response from you and sending creative and sometimes innovative ideas, the implementation of which would certainly have a significant impact on the environment.

Below we present the winners of the competition:

1st place
Mrs. Alicja Mańka

Instead of driving a car, pedal drive!
Instead of mixing rubbish, segregate even a small amount!
Instead of smog, a heat pump and photovoltaics!
Instead of throwing out pages printed on one side, “notebook” eco technique!
Instead of creating a sea of ​​plastic, a filter bottle!
Instead of a tap waterfall, aerator – a waste of water conqueror!
Instead of washing water from fruit at breakfast pouring, use it to water your flowers!
Instead of collapsing old clothes baskets, reuse them with cleaning cloths!
Instead of using chemistry, natural methods!
Instead of small packages, large or bulk purchase, less rubbish and real savings!
Instead of batteries, rechargeable batteries,
Instead of throwing food away, putting them in the street refrigerator, an unusual “precursor” aid!
Instead of bio waste, have your own composter!
Instead of overheating, the controller!
Instead of newspapers, an electronic edition!
When cleaning, tap turning off!
Bonus (to use at home 😉)
Instead of bathing in the tub, shower for two!
Instead of disposable packaging, eco bags, because I am afraid of the flood of garbage the most!
Little steps? Yes, but the effects are big.
If only everyone wanted to help nature!

2nd place
Mrs. Kinga Madejczyk

I think an important and increasingly popular topic is to avoid the carbon footprint. Most people are not aware of the enormous impact of reducing our carbon footprint on our environment. First of all, I am talking about reaching as many people as possible through advertising, webinars, interviews, podcasts, posters to show how beneficial it can be if we reduce the number of plastic packaging and disposable bags. Currently, the easiest way is to communicate all information via social media, thereby advertising your business. In your company, with appropriate funds, you can think about switching to a fleet of electric and hybrid cars. This is another point about reducing your carbon footprint. The second idea that comes to mind (maybe not necessarily related to your business) is to locate a few boxes for insects in our poviat. The idea has already proven itself in larger cities. Booths, the so-called hotels contribute to the reproduction of useful species, including bees, of which less and less. Of course, you can place your company’s logo on such a booth. An additional advantage is educating kids why it is so important to take care of insects. Hotels also reduce the number of pests and increase the amount of pollinated plants.

3rd place
Mrs. Justyna Cieślak

As a former employee, I like to look at the BIBP profile and I could not pass by such an interesting competition indifferently.
A great initiative, for sure a large part of the collected ideas will be effective for the benefit of the company and, of course, the environment.
Here are some of my ideas:
– saving water is the basis, which can be achieved by installing AERATORS (aerators) in countries – reduces water consumption.
– saving water by using rainwater, for example for watering flowers or farm work
– installing hand dryers instead of towel papers … let’s save trees 🙂
– another idea is a machine for plastic and aluminum bottles of the RECYKLOMAT type.

Mrs. Justyna Krzywoszyja

You can also help the environment with small steps, such as purchasing protective clothing for employees made of environmentally friendly materials. Organic cotton is an alternative to conventional cotton, the production of which requires a large amount of chemicals. When buying clothes made of ecological cotton, we have a guarantee that its production was carried out with respect for the environment and the health of the people participating in it. Organic cotton comes only from genetically unmodified seeds, and its crops can apply for an organic certificate only after three consecutive years of cultivation completely without the use of chemicals. The second issue is collective transport for employees. Thanks to the employee buses, the company will not only reduce the amount of exhaust fumes produced every day by passenger cars of commuting employees, but also can gain qualified and reliable employees who are not able to get to work with their own transport. The third issue is drinking water. The employer is obliged to provide employees with an adequate amount of drinking water. Usually it is mineral or spring water in plastic bottles. You can go a step further and install a permanent water filter in the restroom. With a large number of employees, the number of plastic bottles thrown away is certainly huge and thanks to this solution this number can be reduced to zero. Thanks to its efficiency, such a filter will work well in small and medium-sized companies. The device treats water by mechanical and molecular methods. This means that it uses a membrane with pores smaller than the size of particles of contaminants, bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this, we always have clean and potable water. The filter does not take up much space because it is mounted under the sink and the tap is located next to a regular tap.

Congratulations 😊




We would like to inform you that from 15 to 18 November, you will be able to meet us at the SIMEI fair in Milan.

SIMEI is a specialist fair for the entire wine industry as well as the industry of machinery and equipment for food products, beverages and alcohol.

At the fair, we will present our new solutions related to sustainability.

We cordially invite you 🙂

If any of you are willing to participate in the above event, please contact us for a free invitation.



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Newsletter 31 September 2022



We are aware that the continuous improvement of our qualifications gives us the opportunity to take up ever greater challenges. On the other hand, challenges are our specialty, which is why we systematically take part in specialized trainings, expanding our knowledge and skills and strengthening innovation and development.

In August, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, our managers trained in effective project management. It is the first training in the series as part of improving the competences of the entire team.




BiBP is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. We realize that how we operate has and will have both direct and indirect impact on the surrounding environment, and thus on future generations.

Therefore, the idea of ​​sustainable development, which we systematically introduce in the company, is mainly based on the natural environment. We try to develop synergy between us, our activities and the nature that surrounds us.

According to the definition, Sustainable Development is an action plan for the transformation and transformation of the world, in which the needs of the present generation can be met in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment and taking into account the needs of future generations. It works on 3 main levels:

– environmental aspect

– social aspect

– economic aspect

Taking the subject seriously, we conducted a local competition, in which the main task was to send ideas about what as a company we can do to act for the environment.

The main prizes were tickets to Zatorland, River Park and a cash prize.

The competition ended on August 31 and met with great interest from the audience.

The results and ideas will be published in the second week of September.


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Newsletter 31 July 2022


Full of enthusiasm, laughing team, beautiful, sunny weather, fun and music until dawn. We were looking forward to an integration event. Our entire team was able to strengthen their ties together, the more so as it has grown significantly recently 😊

























Due to the dynamic development of the company and the recent takeover of the Spanish company Montibox, the last few months are the time for us to look for specialists who would join our team. We conducted the Recruitment Campaign on a local scale, which exceeded our expectations. For its needs, a tab has been created on our website, where you can see the current offers.

Please visit:





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Newsletter 31 May 2022


Let us act sustainable!

Our offer includes a tap that does not contain any carbon black pigment. Thus, we offer a solution that is completely recyclable.

Let’s think ecologically.





AA grade

We are proud to announce that we have once again received the BRC certificate, obtaining the maximum AA rating during the audit.

Thus, it proves that we meet the highest development requirements in terms of safety and quality of our packaging.




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Newsletter 29 April 2022

1.  IFE – LONDON (MARCH 21-23)

Our motto is continuous and incessant development, which is why we are expanding our activity to new markets. In March, we had the pleasure to participate in the IFE (International Drink and Food Event) fair, which took place in London, and thus we presented our products on the English market for the first time.




In addition to Great Britain, we also had the opportunity to present ourselves in Italy at the Vinitaly fair. Since 1967, Vinitaly has been working with producers in the wine industry, actively contributing to the development of the wine system, creating business opportunities in Italy and around the world, promoting networking opportunities between producers and professionals in the sector.




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Newsletter 28 February 2022


Russia’s attack on Ukraine has become a dramatic fact. The dynamically changing situation does not allow us to remain indifferent to the aggression experienced by our neighbors. At the moment, in order to become as unified as possible with Ukraine, we collect the most necessary things and organize accommodation. As of today, we have managed to collect 14 pallets of the most necessary articles that have already left for Ukraine. The fundraiser continues and will continue as long as support is needed.

Take care of yourself.



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Newsletter 31 January 2022


The next stage of the company’s expansion was to create a modern place where employees could rest and relax before new challenges. And that’s it, at the end of last year, we started to meet in a new and cozy canteen.






As every year, in the pre-Christmas period, we try to support organizations that help others with great commitment on a daily basis. This time we were very pleased to cooperate with the “Dać Szansę” Association from Wadowice. As you can see below, both our employees and the Management Board have shown great generosity. As a thank you for carrying out the collection, we received symbolic decorations for the Christmas tree from the pupils.



We strongly encourage you to take part in such actions.







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